Friday, 27 February 2009

Cerrie Burnell

I just have to make a comment on the Cerrie Burnell situation. How rediculous that she has 'become a situation' at all!

For those of you without kids, or not living in the UK.. Cerrie is the new presenter for BBC's CBeebies (little kids) channel. This channel is very popular and airs television shows such as Charlie and Lola, Big Cook - Little Cook, and tons of others. Cerrie is a beautiful, bright and enganging blonde woman who happens to have been born without the bottom part of her right arm.

Now, BBC hired her because she was the right person for the job. I applaud them for this. Also, maybe (in my speculations) they wanted to show kids that 'disabled' people, or people who may be different than they are, are actually the same. Not something to be feared, or upset about.

However, it's not the kids who are having an issue. It's the PARENTS!! Blogs all over are citing this, the BBC website is flogged with comments of parents taking up both sides of this issue.

Ok, so now it's my turn. My kids stopped watching CBeebies a long time ago, with the exception of Charlie and Lola now and again. They seem to prefer Playhouse Disney. However, when I heard that CBeebies had employed this young woman, I started putting it on for the kids. I believe that it is important for children to see people who look different from them.

One woman asked ' how do I tell my three year old why she only has one arm?' I would respond to that, how would you explain it to a 13 year old? You simply tell the child that she was born that way. If they require more information (as would my 5 year old) I told her that sometimes a baby doesn't get put together all the way in their mommy's tummy, but that it doesn't affect her. She has learned to adapt and she can do anything we do, she just does it a little differently.

What parents need to understand, is that little kids are not frightened or upset by such things, just curious. Being prejudice, or even just upset or frightened by seeing something such as a disabled or different person, be it one arm, or the color of their skin is A LEARNED EXPERIENCE. The child watches how their parents and loved ones behave toward that person, and THEY MODEL THAT BEHAVIOR.

What BBC has done by hiring this woman is GREAT, in my book. They are showing kids that everyone is the same and there is nothing to fear or be concerned about when meeting people who are new and different. GOOD FOR THEM, AND Stick with it Cerrie... There are Lots of Us behind you!

Monday, 16 February 2009

13 year old father??

Is anyone following this story?

In the UK, there is a story about this 13 year old father (he was 12 years old at concpetion). Well, he may be the father. It appears that during the time the mom could've gotten pregnant, (she was 14 years old) she was with at least 2 other boys!

A newspaper in the UK reported the following (about one of the other boys):

Richard, who told the paper he slept with Chantelle with the consent of her parents and without using any contraception, said he plans to demand a DNA test is carried out to find out the truth

OK - What's the deal?? He slept with a 14 year old WITH THE CONSENT OF HER PARENTS??? What were the parents thinking? The other boy - His name is Tyler - said the same thing... In her own bed.... and swore to investigators that it was with the consent of her parents..

I know that I'm not one to talk here, considering that my kids are still only 5 and (not quite) 3. I still have the rosy idea that they will be virgins until they are married. It astounds me to think that there would be ANY situation where the parents would allow such a thing to happen.. (not once, but at least 3 times, with different boys!) What values are they teaching this young teenager? Did they deliberately want her to get pregnant?

Is this like the alcohol issue? Oh well, they are going to do it anyway, better it be under our roof with adult supervision? If that was the case, then why not use contraceptive?

This isn't just an issue about what challenges they may face as young parents; or how they are going to raise a baby with no income, and years left in school before they can get any. This is about what morals the parents of these four teenagers are teaching their kids, and everyone else's. They didn't just find out this happened, and decide to support their teenager daughter's decision. They were active participants in getting a little girl pregnant. (or so it seems from the papers and these boys testimonies.)

I do realize that most of my anger at this situation arises from the fact that I haven't yet figured out how to deal with this eventual future issue with my own kids yet. I sincerely hope that by enforcing the morals that I want them to have, that I can sidestep this issue with my own two.

The sick, raving, over protective parent in me wants to invent some sort of belt buckle (or pant zipper, snap combo) with rfid in it that logs how often it was undone, and for how long. I could swipe it over some mouse pad and get the data into my computer, so that I can track to see if it was undone longer than it takes to go to the loo. Or maybe, in the case of my daughter, a zapper that zapps any boy parts that may come into contact with it. High volt electricity should do the trick....

Friday, 13 February 2009

Integrity in workmen

Where has all of the integrity gone? The days of good customer service have gone out the window, and each person now pays the price for it. Gone are the days when you can trust the word of workmen and contractors that you pay to do a service. It's buyer be-(a) ware, and dog-eat-dog...

My beef:

Due to a complete accident, 1/2 litre of Sunflower oil got dumped down my kitchen sink. It was not noticed for a few hours, and by then it had cooled and blocked the drain. No amount of Drain-o or hot water could budge it. After 2 days of piling dishes and plunging, I finally called a plumber. Mistake no. 1.

The guy arrives nearly 2 hours late, no phone call. He comes in, barely even glances at the kitchen sink and starts quoting me his rates. 45 per 1/2 hour, plus 45 per 1/2 hour for his equipment. Wow! Mistake no. 2 was that I didn't shop around to compare rates before hand.
So I had no idea if his rates were competitive before hand. (My normal handy man guy is on vacation and I was stuck) I thought this sounded pretty steep, as I expected around 90 per hour, not 1/2 hour, but what was I to do. He then puts around for about 5 minutes, and says that he will cut me a deal and do the entire thing for a flat rate of 150 no matter how long it takes. Mistake no. 3 - not trusting my gut. Gut was saying that this was a 15 min job that a snake could do, but I trusted the guy and agreed.

He walks out to his car, grabs a wet/dry vac..sets it on blow,puts the tube in the drain, then turns it on. After a few mintues, he goes outside, picks up a ball of goo (that resembles congeeled oil), dumps it in the trash, runs hot water for 5 minutes from the tap, and declares the job done.

I was impressed, but waiting to see how much he was going to charge me. You guessed it.. the entire whopping 150 + tax! He was in my house for 15 minutes doing the job.

I figure the best I owe him is 90....cause he told me up front that he charges by the 1/2 hour increments. This guy did not travel far... his office is up the road, about a mile away. He obviously wasn't busy, as he responded to me in less than 4 hours time.

His argument was that he would have charged me the only 150 if he had been there for 5 hours instead of 15 minutes, and then he would have been out money. My arguement was that I trusted his judgement on how long it would take him, and that what I was lead to believe was TOTALLY wrong, and I should not be held to paying him 150 + tax when he was here such a short time.

Lets leave it at we argued for another 15 mintues (at least I'm trying to get my money's worth of time out of him) and we both parted loathing each other and refusing to do business with each other ever again.

Lesson learned: Do not agree to flat rates unless they include a minimum time limit. Although then, I'm just expecting them to waste time just to meet it...

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Cali Octuplets

Ok, I've got just to get this off my chest, she's everywhere and won't let it rest.
This mom in California who just had Octuplets... What the ....???!!??

She says that her desire to have children is not selfish... how can it be viewed as anything other?
14 kids under 7 years old??? Yes, I do realize that 8 of them are newborn..but the others are still under 7 years old!

How can a welfare mom, receiving food stamps, find enough money to have all of these IVF treatments? It's not exactly the cheapest thing... Her desire to have more kids is ludicrous...

Not selfish? Lets look at the facts...

Was having more children the best decision for the 6 allready living in welfare to a single mother? NO....

Was having more children the best option for the unborn (now 8!) even if it had been a single? (My opinion, NO... but I guess debatable)...

Is 45 minutes per day (for a non working mother) enough to spread around to each of your kids? NO...

What happens when (if) she achieves her dreams of a degree and job? How much time will these 14 kids get with her then? If the desire was not selfish, then why not get the degree first and then have more kids? Where will the kids go when she's working? Her mother? Is it fair to ask a grandmother to watch 14 kids by herself?

What about these fertility doctors? Setting aside the question of implanting 6 embroys, what's with making a decision to have so many IVF treatments to a single woman with no job, living on welfare? Shouldn't they have some sort of responsibility for ensuring that the lives that they help to create are brought into a world where there parent(s) can at least support them?

What is she trying to say about the rest of the mothers out there, who stop at 1, 2, 3 or even 4 kids? Why did I stop at 2? Personally, because I do not believe that adding more children to our lives at this point, would be anything other than a selfish desire on my part to hold another baby. Would it be fair to the 2 I've allready created to give them less time and energy? I'm sorry, but 45 mintues of my time per day is NOT enough time for my kids. Is it for yours?