Thursday, 19 March 2009

How come?

Ok, I want to know why the universe has such a funny sense of humor. Why is it that every time you say your kids DONT do something, they do it? It doesn't seem to matter if the child in question hears you say it or not, it always happens.

Take for instance, my comments to friends last night, on how difficult a time I have getting my kids to eat meat. They will eat ground beef if it's spiced and in a casserole, but eating it straight is another thing coming. What happens this morning? They are eating bacon as soon as it comes off the griddle!!!

This is not my only case for evidence; the universe doesn't care what it is that you say your kids DONT do. A friend of mine was poudly telling me that her kid NEVER hits any other kids (they are 3). Then she gets called to the school because her son hit another kid. Then there is the case of the mom who told me proudly one day that her kid had never tried drugs before, and a week later she found a joint in her room. The list goes on and on...

I therefore, theorize that a person should only say their kids DONT do something when they truly want them to do it. Back to my meat problem.... HEY UNIVERSE.... My kids DONT eat meat!!!

Let the chicken reign down.....