Friday, 18 September 2009

Healthcare reform pt.2

Last night i sat watching the telly. This is not something i normally do, partly becsuse we only got cable yesterday , and partly since the invention of the dvr, i dont watch live telly anymore. Flipping through the channels i could see a recurring theme on news channels. Protesting against Obama, signs painted with a joker face. This image is haunting me.

I believe in the power of free speech, i defended it when i was in the service. However i wonder sometimes about whether people think through they're beliefs and outrages before taking them public? I am bothered by the 'me' culture we are living in. These protesters seem scared that Obama is going to turn us into a socialist nation. How? Simply by having a government form of healthcare alternative? Its no different than the VA. The military's been doing it forever, so how does it change anything?

Do people not understand cspitalism? Its what our country runs on. The basic idea is that competition spurs competitiveness, which in turns drops prices and allows for better customer care. How is adding another, ans cheaper to boot!, competitor changing that? So what if its government owned? He blatently said that they expected fewer than 10% of people to take up this option. How does that create socialism?

Now i'm the first one to say that the plan needs dome kinks ironed out, but at least its a plan! And its a good one! People need to stop thinking about themselves and start thinking as a nation! Thats what separates us from the president.

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Missing friends

In todays increasingly global world, where we pack up and move continents, countries or states as often as we buy new shoes, its easy to forget those left behind. This is my tribute to my best friend, and to my other est friends (yes the best without the b!) friends that are out there. To florida est friends who i came back for, to london est friends who i miss terribly, to AF est friends who still keep in touch, and to my best friend in castle rock whose fierce determination to travel long distances with small children has kept us close, i love you all.

Thank you for being my shoulders to cry on, my sounding boards, my companions. Thank you for watching my kids, my animals, my houses. Thank you for being there when i needed you most. I hope i have been as good a friend to you as you have to me!

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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Healthcare reform

I'm a fan of President Obama. I'm also a fan of his new healthcare reform plan. I do, however, have a few questions as I'm sure most Americans do.

The first one was brought to my attention by my husband. He questions the mandatory laws for carrying healthcare. We both understand why, but we'd like to understand how it would work. What happens to people who are found to not be carrying insurance? Who is responsible for carrying insurance for minors whose parents are divorced?

My questions are about coverage. President Obama says that no insurance could be csncelled for pre-existing conditions. Thats great! However what about conditions caused by doing something reckless or taking risks that people generally consider bad? How much will insurance cost a smoker, for example? What about a sky diver? And if we can charge more for money for smokers, declaring that it is known to be bad for your heslth, whats next? Will we be charged more if caffeine is declared bad and asked to tell how much coffee and soda we drink daily? Do we see and understand the downward spiral?

What do we do with current uninsured who may have life threatening diseases? AIDS, cancers, and others that may have gone undetected? How high will our premiums go while we sort through our current mess, before we stabilize?

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Thursday, 10 September 2009


Public schools work a lot differently today than when i went to them - ya know way back in the day. Todays schools seem bent on safety instead of exploration, they stifle children with rules, and cry that the children have trouble with creativity while being forced to sit still, do as your told, raise your hand. Are we helping our kids to be better citizens by 'teaching' them to always follow rules or are we creating our own demise by refusing to allow them to think for themselves? Isnt the point of school to teach them how to learn, explore, and figure things out for themselves?

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