Sunday, 28 March 2010

A week in the life of.... (my kids)

Every year I do a scrapbook that chronicles a week in the life of my kids...  it shows their schedules, what activities they do, who they typically see and how they go about their days.  It's my favorite scrapbook to do, as I think I will really enjoy looking back with them when they are older and seeing what a typical week was like for them (and me!) each year of their lives.  This year's scrapbook had 14 pages ... I have posted a few for you to see!

Slipcovers for Kid-sized chairs

Oh my!  You know those kid-sized chairs get so filthy!  I didn't have the foresight to make sure that my daughter's little arm chair had a washable cover, but at least my son's was wipe down faux-leather!  After a few years, her formerly pink chair is splotched heavily brown!  I needed a slipcover!  Here is the one that I made!

I started by researching the internet, of course.  Nothing I want to do has never been done before, so my friends on the world wide web are my first resource!  I found a lot of resources on how to do this, but found that by sitting the chair and fabric right next to my sewing machine, scissors, pins and pens, I could simply turn the fabric wrong way around, tuck it into the chair as I wanted it, pin it in place (for the folds at the arms) and sew it together.  I then cut the excess fabric off, sewed on a skirt and voila!  I was done.  It was very very simple and took me only about an hour to do.

Christmas Advent Calendar

I wanted to give the kids an easy way to count down to Christmas, and decided to make an advent calendar for them.  I wanted something unique, cheap, and memorable.  I found instructions for this photo advent calendar on Kodak's website...   and it turned out to be AMAZING!

I mounted it on some old cardboard I had lying around, and even made a quick stand out of the cast off piece.  I used pictures of my kids, family, their friends, and even our animals!  They enjoyed opening each day just to see who was underneath!

With the templates that Kodak provided, this project was very simple and only took me about 1/2 hour once I'd located the photos I wanted to use.

American Girl Dolls

So, my daughter received an American Girl Doll for Christmas.  Now all she needed was some matching clothes, a swim suit for the doll (I was NOT going to attempt a swim suit for my daughter!), and a sleeping bag so that the doll had somewhere to sleep.  Hubby and I had gone to IKEA and had gotten one of their doll beds, which sleeps 2, so the AG doll could have a friend if she (the doll) wanted one.

A friend of mine -M (with a daughter who also got a AG doll for Christmas) decided to make some clothes and matching sleeping bags, etc for the girls & dolls.  For the dress below, I used the pillowcase method (not that I used a pillow case to begin with, but...) You can find instructions here...

For the sleeping bag, we measured the dolls, keeping a generous allowance,  and sewed pink fleece to the opposite side of this wonderful fabric, then sewed it into a sleeping bag form.  For the pillow, we stuffed some batting inside and sewed it up.

Not to be outdone, sonny boy demanded something for himself!  He got a quick sew fleece hat and scarf!

Photo Booth

A friend of mine hosted a circus theme for her son's 3rd birthday, and I volunteered to make a photo booth.  She picked up a large refrigerator box from an appliance store and brought it to my house.

First, I cut it open, and cut off one side.  I then painted the inside of the box in pure white.  I needed two coats to ensure that it was covered nicely.  I took an empty instant oatmeal box, painted it white and hot glued it onto the back of the right side of the box.  I printed out a large clown face with an open smile (cut out the teeth) and pasted it to the front of the same side (for a ticket holder!).  Then I hot glued the fabric she had chosen over the middle piece and secured with a red ribbon on the bottom since it didn't reach all the way down.

I had downloaded a program called Party Booth from and loved it.  So I thought that I would bring my laptop, and connect my camera (on a tripod) to it, and allow the software to do the rest.  I even thought that I might bring my photo printer and have it print out the photos while the guests waited.   Did I do any of that?  No... :)  in the end I brought my camera and tri-pod  and took the pictures the old fashioned way.  Did they turn out?  YES!!!

Inspired to craft

I have recently been asked about a bunch of the craft projects that I do, how to do them, and what they look like.  I promised said friend that I'd post them, instructions, or where I got the instructions from, and what my end product looked like.  Some of the projects that I have done recently include digital scrapbooking, photo booths, and slipcovers for kid-sized chairs.  I have also made a bunch of American-Girl and matching Daughter clothes and a sleeping bag for the doll that I thought turned out very nice! 

So....  with much ado about nothing, I'll get to blogging!