Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas tree skirt and ornaments

Years ago, when little lady was baking.. I decided that I wanted momentoes for each year of my childrens lives. My husband and I started three new traditions for our family. The first one is our tree skirt. Unable to find completely plain ones, I made our own. Each year at Christmas, we take a black sharpie and trace around the kids hands, then color it in with fabric glitter paint in holiday colors. We write their initial and the year next to their handprints. The kids love this tradition and each year spend time going around the skirt fitting their hands around previous years hands to see how much they've grown!

Last year, the dog walked through the paint and put her paw on the skirt, so we added her in, as well as one for hubby and myself. If only we vould capture the cats too, we'd have a complete family on here!

Our second tradition is thst each year we go together and each buy one new ornament. This is no ordinary pretty ornament, it takes thought and perseverance, as the ornament is supposed to highlight something important about the year, something worth remembering.

Lastly, I have been making photo baubbles of the kids since little lady was born. Each year a photo of the two of them goes into a clear ball, with the year on it and gets hung as an ornament on the tree. This year i was delighted to be in Boots in the UK and see that they sell these balls with the year nicely plaqued on! All I had to do was add the pictures!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas ornament gifts

I was struggling with what to get some friends of mine back home in the States... (lets see how many of you read this and ruin your presents!)

When I came across these globe ornaments in a store. Inspiration hit and I bought a bunch. I decided to hot glue a piece if string from our old city to our new city on the globe. I then cut the heads off of pins and hot glued them ontop ( careful not to use to much!)

Then I found a gift tag image on the computer, found some sayings I liked about friendship and distance, printed them on the tags, then cut and glued on a backing piece that I liked and strung the saying through the ornaments hanging strings. Voila! A beautiful and sentimental gift!
I did try putting the saying through the string, but it pulled to much and I feared it would unglue the whole thing!  

Friday, 2 December 2011

Amazing trees!

My whole life I've been obsessed with trees.  When I was little, I would spend HOURS outside with a sketch pad and a pencil drawing the trees in my yard.  Now, I am lazy, and take pictures of them!  I have hundreds of pictures of trees from all over.  I just love their majestic stance and the way they interact with their environment.  I love the way they form, and how they tell a story in the way they split and twist.