Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Super Hero Birthday Party for my 6 year old!

Little Man is turning 6!!!  And he's really into super hero's.  Searches on the internet led me to some fabulous ideas for a Super hero training camp!  Luckily, I plan far in advance, so we were able to get cracking with this idea!

As usual, I combined lots of different ideas into something that works for us.  I took lots of ideas from the Birthday party ideas super hero page.  I ordered the images from Design Girl 007's ETSY shop.    I took the wording for the invitation from the 1st site and put it onto the background from her invitation.  I then overlayed some BIF, POW stuff and a cutout picture of my son in his superhero cape and mask.  (these were obviously printed without the designgirl007 on the logos that she created!  I just didn't want to give away her intellectual property. BTW: I paid for them.)

 Here's the invitation that I made...

 Each child, after choosing their superhero name, gets a certificate!

inside of the training manual

                 outside of the training manual

 The super hero training manual was a labor of love; it took forever to get it just right!  I printed it on A4 paper.  Each kid gets one when they get to the party.  It's their guide to get around the different activities.  They go to each station, and when they complete it, they get a sticker to put in their book.  When they are done with everything, they get to choose their name and get their certificate.  I wanted enough activities that 30- 6 year olds and 10 various other aged kids would be busy for the entire time (with lunch,bday cake and my surprise visit from Boy RIDDLER and his challenge included)
I was worried that because most of the tasks are pretty short, that we would run out.  So I included a few more on the inside of the manual (academy plus training, I called it) for those who finished early. I didn't want the kids to think that they didn't get their certificate if they didn't finish each of the things.

                                                                     Here are my stations.......... 
 if you use my idea, make sure to provide plenty of gold stars for them to put in their manuals to mark the completion of each task.

 I provided sheets, boxes, recyclable materials, and anything else I can find in a giant heap outside.  The kids had to work together to see if they could build a hideout worthy of a superhero!

For this station, we placed a plank on some bricks (hubby made it stable) and
placed the whole thing over a kiddie pool filled with red colored vinegar.  Just before the party,
we dumped in a bunch of baking soda so that it bubbled and looked awesome.  
The kids had to walk the plank without falling in! 

We put a large X with masking tape on the ground
and I put a few meter sticks next to them.  We had a jar full of circles with super hero logos on them
and had them do a standing jump , place their makers down and then measure the distance they jumped.

This table had a bunch of mind puzzles and guessing games.  My daughter wanted to have a far full of sweeties that the kids guessed how many (the closest one wins the jar)  We considered giving them a token for each completed task, and they could write their guess on the back of the tokens and submit them to see who won.  

For this, we made fake dumbells, (2 large styrofoam balls, a long dowel, black paint) and marked
them 100 Kilos each (if you live in the US, mark lbs.)  Make sure to take their photos here.

This is the obstacle course!  Have fun setting it up!  We saved up all the boxes in the house (deliveries, cereal boxes, etc) and spray painted them grey.  I printed out pictures of doors and windows from the internet and modge-poged them onto the boxes.  Then we set them all out in a series of complex roads and dams, pits, etc.  Little Lady's baby doll was the object to rescue.  

For this I printed out lots of villains faces from the internet, then provided 4 nerf water guns, and 100's of water balloons (weapon of choice) and the kids got to either shoot 1 gun till it was gone, or have 5 water balloons.  They they got to try shooting or throwing at the villain.  

For this, I took one of the buildings we made earlier and cut one side into a door.  I then taped objects inside the back part of it, and cut the door out in the middle (leaving a frame).  I taped wax paper to the door on the inside of the frame.  Just before the party, I put a LED light inside the building (so that the objects appeared as silhouettes) 

For this one, we setup 5 of the buildings we had made (see SAVE A CITIZEN) into rows
and had the kids jump over them.  

Other than the stations setup, I will  have a table with Capes and Masks on it.  The capes were cut out and sewn round with bias tape but had no logos.  I then provided all the logo materials cut out from sticky back felt.  The kids designed their own.  The masks were pre-made (by me) and in matching colors to the capes.  I had plenty of small felt shapes so I let the kids decorate their masks as well.  

I had 'a reporter'  taking pictures of all the kids doing their Super Hero Stances.  These were needed as the pictures with their super-hero names on it were going into a newspaper article (as the thank you card).  

Take home bags...

The kids take home their capes and masks.  They will received their certificates, a package of water balloons (for  shooting practice) and a green glow stick (marked kryptonite).  The balloons and the glow stick will be packaged in a paper bag (with handles) that I had glued the super hero academy logo on.  


At cake time, my daughter will  arrive on the scene in a "Girl Riddler" costume.  She will start with an evil laugh, and then say the following:

"While you superheros were focused on training, I was plotting my revenge!  I am the Girl Riddler!  Evil apprentice to Batman's nemesis The Riddler!  I have hidden six bombs here!  Find the six clues I have hidden around the camp to see if you can solve my riddle and save the day!  Only one of you has the power to diffuse the bombs, choose him wisely"

  (she hid 5 of them).  Then he walked over to the birthday boy and handed him the 6th card.  Then she ran around the house (to change out of his costume) and appear as a girl again.

The kids found the other 5 cards, and when they put them together, they formed a riddle
"What do you eat that is on fire, but covered with something that is cold?"  there was a picture of a birthday cake watermarked on the back.

The kids had to figure out that it was the birthday cake and that the birthday boy could diffuse them with his "Super breath!"

Thank you Cards

For the thank you cards, I printed the newspaper clipping that I designed on one side of paper and on the other side of the paper, I printed a coloring page of my son in his super hero outfit (same one from the invitation).  On the bottom of that side, he hand-wrote in his message starting with "Dear Super Friend...".  Each newspaper printed was personalized in that the photos of each child in their stance and lifting the dumbbells was on their thank you note.   

The Food

cupcakes with superhero logos (made out of fondant) on them...
fruit on a stick (in super hero colors)
I had melted chocolate into super hero ice cube trays and used those as table decorations
I also put colored ice into those trays later and served super hero ice cubes with water

Pictures of the actual party will come once it's taken place!  


Malia Pina said...

I would love to see the pictures of the party. I am trying to plan a superhero party for my 6 year old son.

Zosdoll said...

Yes I would also love to see photos! We are planning for a super hero party too!