Friday, 27 July 2012

Magnetic personal paper dolls

So, I've wanted to make some magnetic personalized paper dolls for the kids for a while now.  Little lady does this entire whiteboard village that she makes on our large magnetic whiteboard, and we keep having to draw ourselves in on it.  I thought... How awesome would it be if I made paper dolls with our faces on it and we could use that?  So, I started looking for ideas in my usual place..... Pinterest...
I found an idea I really liked, but I got called away and when I returned (as I hadn't pinned it) it was gone, and now I can't find it.  So...   I decided to turn to the paper dolls from Betsy McCall.  I saved a bunch of the pictures, and then brought them up in Paint Shop Pro. 

 I cut our heads out from our photographs and put them on the dolls.  Then I printed them out.  I only had non-adhesive magnetic paper (although I've ordered the other kind for more) so the kids had to glue the printed dolls onto the magnetic paper.
The kids wanted to cut out their own dolls and pictures.  I was all to happy to let them!
The beginnings of the dry-wipe and magnetic people house!
Little Lady has started playing!  It's a hit!!  YEAH!!!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Electronics time board

For a while now, I have been using an electronics time board with my kids. They earn time to play on electronics by completing their chores and doing various other tasks that they might otherwise have trouble doing. For example, Little Lady has trouble remembering to brush her hair each morning, so she earns 10 minutes each morning if she does it by herself.

Some of the things that my kids earn time for:

10 minutes - if their bedrooms are clean when I tuck them in at night
10 minutes - each AM for brushing their teeth
10 minutes - (little lady) for brushing her hair in the morning (by herself)
10 minutes - (each) if there has been no whining, crying, being rude or talking back during the day

We have a few rules that give 30 minutes, one that gives 40 minutes (negotiated by little man) and one that gives 15 minutes.  Each weekend they do a "clean room relay" (see previous blogs for more info on that) and that earns them prizes from the stash, not minutes.  Minutes can be given (you were awesome with that, I'm going to give you xx minutes )  but I never take them away.  (some might choose to)  I am strict though about putting them back in the pouch when they are used.  And I never let them play on the electronics without paying for them.

Here is a board that I made for a friend of mine who has two boys.  I wanted something for her that was self contained; something she could hang wherever worked for her, but that didn't take up to much room.  I had this metal board floating around from some old sight-word thing the kids had when they were toddlers; so I used it.  I threaded a ribbon through the holes and tied it at the top to allow it to hang.  I cut colorful card-stock into 1.5 in by 2 in rectangles and wrote times on them (5, 10, 15, 30, 1 hr) and added a piece of Xyron magnetic tape to the back of each one.

Then I took a piece of cardstock and wrote Electronics Time on it, two smaller rectangles of different colors of the boys names, and a strip to make a dividing line down the center.  These all got magnetic tape too; and went (as shown below) on the front of the metal board.  On the back (being on ribbon, its easily flippable to read what's on the back) I put a checkbox deal to know which electronics count, and a list for her to write on that says "What can I do" and "How much time?" for her to fill out.

I used yarn (since that's what I had) that  tied to the ribbon and ran down the length of the back of the board (and hid with tape) to attach a plastic envelope to which holds the time cards.

When the kids earn time, they remove that amount and put it under their names. As they use the time, they simply remove it and put it back in the envelope.  I could have skipped that part and simply used a dry-erase marker, but I didn't want anything that I had to rely on their writing for or forgetting if they had erased it.

What I like about this is that it's controlled by the kids.  When they do something (and bring it to my attention) all I have to do is say "put your time on the board" and they do.  When they use it, they (or I) remove the time and put it away.  Originally, I only made 5,10,15 and 30 minute blocks, but I found that Little Man likes to see the numbers grow (he's going to be a good saver!) and soon ended up with over an hour.  So I had to make 1hr blocks too.

Friday, 6 July 2012

collages of the kids...

It's the last day of school, and I'm tired of missing my kids each day as they go off for a long hard day of learning! ;) I made collages for my computer background so that I could look at them!