Friday, 5 July 2013


Hubby made me this wonderful table for my laundry room!  I throw clothes from the dryer on it to sort and fold.  Under my table, I bought these large white rolling ( yes! They have wheels!) laundry bins. N2 for each of us.  I wrote our names on one side with colorful sharpies, and our titles on the other...  

Now, one of each of our bins sits under the table waiting to get filled with clean laundry, while the other one sits in our closets getting filled with dirty laundry.  When our dirty one is full, we drag it into the laundry room, where we sort it into the waiting bins for white, light colors, dark colors, sheets and towels. 

We take our clean bin out, replace it with our now empty one and drag the clean one to our rooms where we put it all away.  Then we start all over again!

Nice huh?