Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Experiences

I was inspired by a post I saw on Facebook about giving your kids experiences instead of presents.  The idea being that our kids don't NEED anything, and they barely even WANT anything.  We are the type of family that kids have everything they could want and more than they NEED.  What to get them at Christmas then?  It's all fine and good to say we are going to scale back and  buy them less, but the practicality of it hasn't happened yet.  How to break that cycle?  

By giving experiences, we can solve this. They still have 12 prezzies under the tree.   They still get to open and be excited, but this time they get to experience this magic for a few hours to a day, once a month, all year long!

I began by determining 12 family friendly things that we would like to do in our area.  What am I willing to take the kids to.  What am I willing to drive to/ spend money on?  What are our current family favorites that we don't do as often? What new things might we like to try.  I researched each new thing to make sure that my kids were good / height/ weight/ and age requirements were met.  

Then, I wrote each thing on a small playing card sized piece of card stock.  On the back, I wrote any pre-requisites that I needed to say.  ( advance notice required, etc). Then, I stuck each card into a small envelope, and numbered the envelopes 1-12.  

I wrote my kids a letter describing what I was up to, and then hid the envelopes in the tree.  

On Christmas morning they will search the tree for the envelopes and each month we will pick one and do it!