Saturday, 14 June 2014

House color organization

When we bought our house, it was all the same color.  White.. White walls, white floors, white ceilings. No color, no character.  We had no left over paint samples, so we couldn't even get a color match for touchups when we needed them (without cutting a hole in the wall).

As we began a bunch of renovations, we decided to change it up and add some color to our walls.  I went to the grocery store, bought a little notebook and titled it House Paint palate.  I added a library card sleeve to the front for the store credit cards and gift cards we received as we did the project.
Inside the booklet, I added in the swatches of the colors we chose (if we had it) , and I had home depot /lowes print us out an extra paint color sticker for my book.  Lastly, I wrote where in the house that the color matched.  

In the back of the book, i attached a button envelope (attached with 3m velcro pieces) so that  it could be removed if needed.  Inside, I put in all of the store receipts for our project.

I hope that my organization idea helps you too!