Friday, 2 September 2016

So it appears that my teaching skills will come to use

So it appears that my teaching skills will come into use this year. I somehow missed the fact that my son's new school teaches an 'integrated' science curriculum rather than a standard one. This means that instead of teaching science in a direct manner they integrate it into everything else. Sounds nice, huh? When reading, they read about science topics, when doing math, they calculate science problems, etc. In theory, it's great. In practice, well.... lets just say I have little faith just yet. 

So... Over to the NGSS website I go. Time to download the standards for his grade and figure out how to put together a homeschool curriculum for him so that I can make sure that he is learning the standards he needs to know.

 For now, I am going to start with an interest of his. Watching the news says that Katla (a volcano in Iceland) may be near eruption. If it does it will provide an ash plume that can cover our skies for a month! We remember what it was like when it's sister volcano went off - we were trapped in the UK for an extra week when the ash plume caused all airplanes not to be able to fly. So - for this first science bit we are going to learn about volcanoes!

 To begin with we will talk about plate techtonics, research where the plates are on the earth and learn how they move.

 Then we will create a clear gelatinous volcano and inject it with red food coloring (simulating lava) and see the dikes that form when magma is pushed up structure.

 Next we will play with shaking up soda cans to simulate pressure, and we will play with mentos and diet soda (also pressure) and well, it's just fun!

 We will then create replica's of the 3 different types of volcanos (shield, cinder cone and lava dome) and we will erupt them each - taking notes and seeing if each kind is explosive or effusive.

 Lastly, we will play with the National Geographic's Forces of Nature web page where we will change the dissolved gas and silica content of the magma and simulate eruptions.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

summer projects

Planning the summer itinerary..  I have three projects that I want to build..  I wonder which one, if any that we will have time to do?

1. ELIOO system
2.  Bee Hive   or maybe one from here...
3.  phone controlled - life sized BB8

I am also updating a challenge blog once a week with challenges for engineering, science, lego (taken from legoquest blog) sewing, cooking and art.  Check it out on

I am feeling the need to write again, so my hope is that I will finally get back onto the blogging bandwagon!

More from me tomorrow!

*** we never got around to doing any of these summer projects as we moved countries***

- starting the now that we are all settled in our new home!