Monday, 20 February 2017

FMD - Day 1

I woke up this morning hopeful and happy, despite the cat's loud meowing and the alarm clock ringing in my ears.  I weighed myself (lets just call it W) .
It is 9:38 am and I have had a full glass of lemon water (500ml).  I just made myself a second glass of lemon water (same size).

I think that it's going to be easier to accomplish this if I'm busy.  Busy with my hands, so hopefully this will be a productive week for me.  I feel like most of my extra eating occurs when my hands are idle, when I'm watching t.v. or reading or doing idle things on my computer.  Lets see if my theory is correct.

I am feeling good right now.  No hunger.  I do have a very slight headache though.  In full disclosure though, I have been having headaches all last week and through the weekend too.  One even blew into a migraine.

10:02 - starting to feel hungry.  I usually need to be awake for a while before I feel hungry, so I though I would just go with it.  However, at this phase, I'm hungry enough to be trying to pick the first thing that I come across.  Now might be a good time to make the smoothie so that it's ready when I need it.  I think, however, that I will eat the yogurt bowl for breakfast this morning as it's quicker and I will have the smoothie tomorrow.

10:18 - eating breakfast... 125 g of homemade  fat free plain yogurt, 80 grams diced strawberries, 2 tsp pumpkin seeds.

Moving right along...  at this stage, I have cleaned the 1/2 bath, the kitchen & the living room.  I repaired the underside of the couch and loveseat in the living room from cat damage.  I have also watered all the inside plants.  I need to order more fabric to fix the other 3 chairs the cat damaged.  :)

It's 12:30 and I've noticed that I'm looking around for something to eat.
For lunch today, I'm having the couscous dish.

30 g raw couscous (becomes 75 grams when added hot water)
small handful raisins
tbsp sunflower seeds
2 cherry tomatoes
1/2 green onion
a dash of lemon juice

1:30 - I'm not feeling hungry.  :) yeah!  I do have a headache though.  A smidge worse than this morning's headache.  Right behind the eyes.  :(

2:30 - headache is getting worse.  Not hungry, but I can feel the urge to snack...  Have to get little man from school soon, so that will help as I will be running around.  I have to make dinner during the school day or I never get around to wanting to cook it.  Tonight we are having Everyday spinach and lentil dal.  This is normally served over rice, but I will be skipping the carbs with my portion tonight.

The recipe I use is from Flavvord.

I am guessing that this is an ok dish for tonight, as long as I weigh out my portion size appropriately.
It's not raw though, however, some of the other FMD recipes aren't either, so I am going to give it a try.  While making this, I contemplated adding diced potatoes (which I never do!) because of the carbs.  How interesting.  I did not add potatoes, by the way.

2:42 - my stomach has started making growling noises.  However, I still don't feel hungry.

3:30 - ate a small apple as a snack

4:30 - headache hasn't gone away.  I'm tired, yawning and fighting keeping awake...  Going to play a game with my son.

6pm - ate my dinner; as above; without rice or carbs.  I eyeballed what I thought was an appropriate amount based on lunch and breakfast allowances.

6:30 - headache is getting worse.  I will allow myself a drink of Twinings Turkish apple tea without sweetener or milk.  Just the tea bag and hot water.  Hoping the tea will have enough caffeine to ward off the worst of the headache.

7:30 - feeling a little better after the tea.  Headache still there.  Not hungry, which I like, but going to have another cup of tea to help with the headache.  Same as before - no sweetener, no milk.

Water total so far:  2 liters (4, 500ml bottles of homemade lemon water)

I will only allow myself this second cup of tea and water/lemon water from now till bed.

Lets see how I feel in the am!

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