Tuesday, 21 February 2017

FMD- Day 2

Watching some t.v. last night with my son, I had to chew some gum in order to not snack on things.

I have heard that you are not supposed to check your weight during a diet, as it will fluctuate, but I couldn't resist this morning.  The scale said I was W - 2.4 lbs!  Wow!  That's a decent loss for the first day.  If I can maintain that I could lose 12 lbs...  Not that I think that will happen.  I think the loss slows down after a bit, so the loss will get smaller each day.  We will see.

How did I sleep?  I slept rather well, actually.  I didn't wake in the night that I remember, until the alarms and cats started going off this morning.  I ignored both for an hour and then finally stretched and got out of bed.

I have made up 4 500ml of lemon water ready to start my day.

Yesterday's move stats (as per my apple watch)

476 active calories burned
exercise 59 minutes (walking)
stand 11 hours
4 flights stairs
steps 12,018 - distance 5.89 miles
resting heart rate 65 bpm

Now, that's a normal day for me - I walk home from little man's school as often as I can, as long as it's not freezing or raining (then I take the bus 1/2 of the way).  Yesterday, I did it twice.

How am I feeling?  No headache this morning.  I feel very good, actually.  Not hungry at all.

I ate breakfast with my son this morning, so earlier than I normally do.  125 g homemade yogurt, 80 g fresh raspberries, 2 tsp pumpkin seeds.  I felt very full after eating that; almost too full.  :(

It's 10:07 am and I have downed breakfast, 500ml lemon water, and have walked home from his school.  I'm a little munchy, so I am chewing gum until my mind fixates on cleaning or some other thing for my hands to do.

For a snack I am going to have 3 Jacob's chiabatta crackers with a tsp peanut butter spit amongst them (a thin spread on each one).  I have made it, (it's only 10:38) but I am going to let it sit on my desk while I work for a while.

1:48 pm.  Headache has returned.  With my lunch (appropriately sized leftovers from dinner last night - without rice, of course) I am going to make myself a cup of turkish apple tea like I did yesterday.  Again, I won't have any sweetener/sugar or milk in it.  I'm not doing as well on my water today, as I've only had my 1 500ml bottle so far.

I took all my body measurements today.  Filed them away for comparison later.

Pretty sure that my headaches aren't caffeine related at this stage. I think it's sinus / head congestion.
This headache is pretty bad.  I'm going to take some medicine for it and see what happens.

Headache is dull now, but I've taken some serious meds and had two cups of tea.  I cheated a little and had 4 small diced sized cubes of halloumi cheese while making the salad for dinner tonight.
Salad consists of lettuce (I grew myself), some diced halloumi pieces and cherry tomatoes.
I also made boondi ki kadhi - an Indian yogurt curry - that my family loves.  I ate a small amount without rice, and a small salad.  I did add some thousand island dressing to my salad (about a tsp and a half.)

I am sure it was more than I was supposed to eat, but lets hope that it wasn't to bad.

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