Thursday, 23 February 2017

FMD- Day 3

Yesterday's move stats: as per apple health

564 active calories burned
10,634 steps taken
5.6 miles
resting calories burned 1,492
standing hours 14
2 flights stairs
35 min workout (walking)

resting heart rate: 50 bpm

This morning's weight was the same as yesterday.  W - 2.4 lbs.

My thought process is that perhaps I did overeat last night.  It's also possible that I should wait to eat breakfast until after my bottle of water and walk home from little man's school.  Perhaps it works better (for me) to exercise before breakfast, rather than after it.

Headache is small this morning.  Pressure behind my eyes.  Going to take medicine first thing to help ward it off.

Breakfast:  100 grams homemade yogurt, 80 grams fresh raspberries, 2 tsp pumpkin seeds.

2:48 pm.  Headache is still small.  The medicine didn't get rid of it all, but has kept it at bay.
For lunch I had 30 g raw couscous, a small handful of raisins and 2 tsp sunflower seeds.
I later ate a small apple and 2 oat bars.  I figure that's it for the day, but I made a vegetable soup with kielbasa for dinner so I might try to walk off a bunch of calories and eat a very small bowl of that later.

So far I have finished 1- 500ml bottle of lemon water and I'm currently drinking a cup of tea (no milk or sugar, same brand as before)

I had a vegetable soup for dinner with a piece of whole wheat bread.  I also added a single spread of butter to the bread.  The headache went away in the afternoon, after a nap and 2 cups of tea.

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