Thursday, 23 February 2017

FMD- Day 4

Beginning to feel disheartened.  The scale shows the initial -2.4 lbs and then steady.
If you look at my caloric intake yesterday, I was at 1180.

However, my  move stats are as follows:

473 active calories burned
1515 total calories burned

13 hours standing
11,103 steps taken
5.5 miles walked
7 flights stairs
61 minutes exercised.

A simple math problem tells you that if I only ate 1180 calories and I burned 1515, I should have lost weight!  What gives?

I'm over the hump now, so I will continue my diet for it's last two days and see what happens, but I am not optimistic.  I am going to go back and log all my food into my caloric intake assessor and see what the actual totals come out to be.  I must be doing this wrong. :(

Before breakfast, I had 1/2 cup of my tea and a small red apple.

For breakfast I am having 1/4 cup Lizzi's original granola, 10 raspberries and 100 grams of my homemade plain yogurt (215 calories)

I am trying a new tea today.  Twinings, again, but apple & pear green tea.  Lets see if I like it plain.  - It's ok... but I think I prefer the Turkish apple one better.

2:06 pm.  ate lunch - leftovers from last night's vegetable soup with a slice of my whole wheat Irish soda bread and a smear of butter.  I am just about done with my first 500ml bottle of water.  I never did finish the apple & pear tea.

7:27 - had a large salad for dinner - leaves, chickpeas, red kidney beans, corn, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and a drizzle of thousand island dressing.

I cheated today - I had a 1/4 snickers bar and a bunch of buttered popcorn with white cheddar seasoning.  I'm sure that will mess up my diet!

Because I was scared of messing up the diet to much, I did a 7 minute full body workout to finish off the night.

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