Saturday, 25 February 2017

FMD- Day 5 & end

The scale was my friend today.  It said that I lost a little.  I am now down W - 3.7 lbs.
I don't feel like it was the 7 lbs that the FMD made it out to be, but it's something.
Lets see what today holds.

So far today I have had some water (with orange) and a cup of tea (I added sugar and milk to it this morning)
I am about to make myself some breakfast, make a few food things for this weekend, and settle into a computer frenzy of tax calendars.

I am an extremely productive procrastinator.  The things I have been able to do this morning while procrastination of those tax calendars is amazing!

Eating wise, I accidentally skipped breakfast.  For lunch I am having the following:

35 grams raw couscous
20 g corn kernels (from a can)
35 grams chickpeas (from a can)
40 grams red kidney beans (from a can)
1 small handful raisins

5pm - I 've had a large red apple and another 500ml of water as a snack.  I am having a late dinner with hubby, so I didn't want to eat anything filling.

5:30 - Ok, so I'm hungry.  I settled for 3 baby oranges and 3 crackers with a smidge of pb.

For dinner hubby and I split a Saganaki, and I ate 1 pita bread with hummus, then had 5 Dolamdes as my main.

On the next morning - the official end of the diet, I was Total W-2.8 lbs.  (had gained some after the Greek dinner )

I don't feel any different, my pants don't feel different, and the only thing the diet gave me was some hope.

I have a hypothesis that MY body doesn't actually need 2000 calories for maintenance.  I think I need much less.  So basing my diet on a 2000 calorie intake is wrong for me.  I think I only need about 1500 for maintenance.  Thats why when I eat what everyone considers 'normally' I actually gain weight.  But restricting down to 1200-1300 calories a day makes me lose a little weight, and dropping to 900-1000 makes me lose a lot, but I am still within my body's functioning parameters.

I am going to mull this over a while and see what my next steps are.

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